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Who is GTrak?

Founded in 2009, GTrak is an in-house developed award winning GPS Tracking solution, fleet management & business management system. With many combined years of expertise in the Telematics industry, we have been at the forefront of pioneering a bespoke easy to use yet powerful, GPS tracking system.

The team at GTrak all have backgrounds within the fleet tracking industry and we continuously train and develop everyone in the business to ensure that they are up to date with the latest industry changes.

Each team member brings with them experience in technology, installation, product development or customer service, giving us the tools to deliver the complete package to our clients.

GTrak has strived for excellence and has grown from a fledgling business to an operation with a multinational presence supplying to customers worldwide, most notably in Europe, USA and South Africa.

 What do we do at GTrak?

Our state of the art solution helps many commercial and government organisations reduce their fleet’s operational costs including: wages, overtime bills, and fuel costs. Whilst increasing productivity, efficiency, customer service and health and safety. The bottom line for fleet management is performance and cost; achieving maximum results under budgetary constraints.

Our web based software is designed to manage fleets of any size and is available 24/7, giving our clients the ability to access live information and make decisions based on real time figures.

Our software can be tailored by our specialist development team to suit your specific business and operational requirements. We have a proven track record in satisfying our clients.

Our Vision and Values


To empower businesses with a smarter GPS vehicle management system to enable further, effective and efficient operations.


We will achieve our vision through continuous research, development and building relationships with a total commitment to service and customer satisfaction. By developing a high standard of ethics as well as rewarding our people, we will realise outstanding long-term value for money and security for our clients.

Strategic objectives

  • Relationship building – confidence through trust, mutual respect and satisfaction
  • Excel at our value proposition – smart software with tailored flexible terms.
  • Promoting best practices – achieving excellence through innovation.
  • System Management & leadership – leading the market through efficiency.
  • Investing in people – maximising results through intelligence.  



We earn respect and integrity through fulfilling our promises.

Mutual Trust & Understanding

By developing and maintaining relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers we are continually creating an honest and trustworthy environment to operate in an ethical manner.


Ensuring an excellent reputation through dedication.


Achieving objectives though equality, accomplishment and creativity.


  • We encourage our people to achieve their full potential and always strive for improvement.
  • We fulfill our customer needs by always going the extra mile and exceeding their expectations.
  • We endeavor to expand the business in an orderly manner through responsibly protecting our staff and suppliers and ensuring our customer’s investment is secure.