West Yorkshire Police Locate Stolen Car Thanks to GTRAK!

David F of Middlestown near Wakefield woke up on Wednesday morning to discover his laptop, wallet and vehicle had been stolen. Luckily for Dave he had a GTRAK device installed and was quickly able to locate his vehicles position and pass this information onto the local police force. 

Police were dispatched quickly to a car park off a quiet street in Bradford. The GTRAK Software showed the exact place the car was located and using the historical data stored we could track the exact time the vehicle was stolen, the route the criminals drove and how long it took them to make the 12 mile journey from Dave's house to Bradford.

When the officers arrived at the scene there was nobody around the vehicle. The officers investigated and it quickly became clear from other evidence found that this location has been used frequently to park stolen vehicles for short periods of time. This information is very helpful to the police with ongoing enquiries relating to other vehicle thefts in the area. Without the GTRAK device being installed this evidence may never have been discovered.

With vehicle theft on the up more and more people are using GTRAK's technology to potentially assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles and assets. It is vital to have tracking device installed and the earlier victims contact the police about a stolen car, the easier and faster it is for the police to get the GPS coordinates and dispatch a police unit to the trackers location. When a car has a GPS device installed, it is more likely to be recovered and returned to the victim.

Daves car is currently with forensics and he will be reunited with it soon. Many stolen cars are never recovered and vital evidence never collected. With GTRAK installed not only will Dave get his pride and joy back but the evidence collected will hopefully eventually lead to the car thief's arrest and conviction.


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