Torque Calibration

‘We transferred to GTrak after facing problems with previous tracking companies who tied us into long leases. GTrak offered us direct rental short term contracts which meant we weren't tied into third-party leases.’

John Davies, Operations Manager


Torque Calibration have been operating in the North East of England since 1992. They offer a comprehensive calibration services and services include an equipment inventory management system that advises their customers when there instruments are next due for calibration.

Calibration operator Torque installed GTrak Vehicle Tracking in January 2012. We asked John Davies, Operations Manager for his comments on why he chose GTrak and the benefits to his company.

‘The user-friendly interface is the most superior we have seen to date, the simplicity of the system saves us valuable time on a day to day basis. ‘

We chose the GTrak vehicle tracking system to ensure the running of our fleet is more efficient and to safeguard our workforce.

‘Our drivers submit monthly mileage reports and the GTrak tracking system allows us to collate the data from the system and provide this as supporting evidence.’

We are able to track our vehicles in live time which gives us the exact location of our vehicles, it also provides live traffic updates which is essential to us as we can alert our drivers where necessary.





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Company Name: Torque Calibration
Industry: Manufacturing
Fleet Size: 4
Yearly Mileage: 80,000
Savings Using GTrak: 15%
Key Benefits: No contracts or 3rd party leases. Easy to use interface saves valuable time

Key Benefits of Vehicle Tracking


Increase productivity & efficiency.

Gas Station

Reduce labour & fuel costs.


Monitor driving behaviour.

Customer service

Improve customer service.

Health and Safety

Improved health & safety standards.


​Monitor vehicle maintenance records.