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About live fleet monitor

GTRAK 'Live Fleet Monitor' gives you all the standard features you would expect from a tracking system and more. Linked with our other 4 key modules Fleet Monitor acts as the 'hub' where everything comes together to create one of the most powerful tools in your Business. Designed for ease of use you can quickly have access to your vehicles with a few clicks on your computer. With live vehicle locations and mapping you can quickly identify the current status of all assets.

  • Live current locations with exact status.
  • Full 'snail trail' map view to ensure drivers have taken efficient routes.
  • Journey overview replays with every journey point logged on the map.
  • Satellite Mapping to identify buildings assisting your drivers
  • Full Map control with the ability to zoom in and out in one easy portal
  • Full polygon or Geofencing overlaid directly on the map.
  • Live event notifications when vehicles enter of leave fences

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Company Name: Sure Group
Industry: Plumbing and heating
Fleet Size: 250+
Yearly Mileage: 3,700,000
Savings Using GTrak: 22%
Key Benefits: Reduced overtime bill, improved customer service, reduced maintenance bills

Key Benefits of Vehicle Tracking


Increase productivity & efficiency.

Gas Station

Reduce labour & fuel costs.


Monitor driving behaviour.

Customer service

Improve customer service.

Health and Safety

Improved health & safety standards.


​Monitor vehicle maintenance records.