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All businesses today feel the pressure to reduce carbon footprint and adopt 'green' practices. GTRAK Green is a specific module in our system to help your company reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, lower wear and tear on vehicles and improve driving standards.

Using GTRAK you can easily put 'green' company policies into place to help preserve the planet and also increase your bottom line. The data is presented on the system in an easy to use league table and this provides you with the tools to:

  • Monitor speeding, idling and driving style on one unique league table.
  • Reduce mileage on vehicles by sending the closest drivers to a client.
  • Ensure vehicles are maintained and serviced correctly with maintenance alerts
  • Optimise dispatching and routing for more efficient fuel consumption
  • Monitor total CO2 output of vehicles in one easy report.


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Company Name: Sure Group
Industry: Plumbing and heating
Fleet Size: 250+
Yearly Mileage: 3,700,000
Savings Using GTrak: 22%
Key Benefits: Reduced overtime bill, improved customer service, reduced maintenance bills

Key Benefits of Vehicle Tracking


Increase productivity & efficiency.

Gas Station

Reduce labour & fuel costs.


Monitor driving behaviour.

Customer service

Improve customer service.

Health and Safety

Improved health & safety standards.


​Monitor vehicle maintenance records.