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GTRAK 'Productivity' is our extensive reporting suite. It includes a wide selection of printable reports, interactive reports, all designed to be easy to use and give you the information you require quickly and easily.

  • On site information - arrival, departure, time onsite.
  • Speeding - Highlights any excessive speeding events.
  • Traffic - See traffic incidents live on the system mapping.
  • Activity Bar - Shows idling and travelling over a 24 hour period.
  • Driving Style - Highlights any harsh braking, cornering, accelerating.
  • Journey Cost - Fuel cost, Idling cost and CO2 used.
  • Number of stops - At known and unknown locations.
  • Historical Reporting suite with 25 different types of data available. Start/stop, idling, Business/Private.. mileage, time-sheets, exceptions, Out of Hours, driver audit, Fleet Efficiency and many more.

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Company Name: Sure Group
Industry: Plumbing and heating
Fleet Size: 250+
Yearly Mileage: 3,700,000
Savings Using GTrak: 22%
Key Benefits: Reduced overtime bill, improved customer service, reduced maintenance bills

Key Benefits of Vehicle Tracking


Increase productivity & efficiency.

Gas Station

Reduce labour & fuel costs.


Monitor driving behaviour.

Customer service

Improve customer service.

Health and Safety

Improved health & safety standards.


​Monitor vehicle maintenance records.