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GTrak 'Risk Manager' is our LIVE alerting module. Allowing instant alerts when rules are broken, now you can be notified, action and resolve issues before they become a major problem. Are you aware that 70% of drivers in the workplace are not given any training to ensure they drive safely and efficiently. It is the responsibility of all employers running a fleet of vehicles, to ensure staff are not a hazard to other road users or themselves. While most journeys are free from incident, driving for work can be tiring and dangerous. These few facts clearly demonstrate a vital need for employers to be educated on safe driving practices. GTrak fleet monitor can assist with modern technology to continually monitor and improve driver behaviour.

Risk Manager gives complete awareness into the exact location of your entire fleet 24 hours a day, allowing you to track and monitor all vehicles, whilst aiding travel routes and journey planning. GTrak Risk Manager also facilitates the monitoring of driver behaviour, identifying training opportunities for more fuel efficient, safer driving practices to assist in continued efforts to further satisfy duty of care legislation.


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Company Name: Sure Group
Industry: Plumbing and heating
Fleet Size: 250+
Yearly Mileage: 3,700,000
Savings Using GTrak: 22%
Key Benefits: Reduced overtime bill, improved customer service, reduced maintenance bills

Key Benefits of Vehicle Tracking


Increase productivity & efficiency.

Gas Station

Reduce labour & fuel costs.


Monitor driving behaviour.

Customer service

Improve customer service.

Health and Safety

Improved health & safety standards.


​Monitor vehicle maintenance records.