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Features of Vehicle Tracking

GTrak are at the forefront of technology when it comes to vehicle tracking. We are continuously developing our in house system to ensure that you have the latest technology to help run your business. All this comes at no extra cost as we are passionate about offering the best solution on the market. Having many years experience together with a solid and stable business model means we are confident that you won’t find a better or reliable system at a better price!

So what makes our system so good?

Access our system, anywhere, anytime:

Our system runs on the cloud which means you can access real time information through your PC, tablet or smart phone 24 hours a day. Simply log in to our user friendly platform to access your fleet information. System updates are free. We are constantly making improvements and adding new features to keep our solution at the forefront of vehicle tracking technology. 

Accurate financial information:

Our system is designed to help you improve productivity and increase profits. This is achieved by utilising real time information generated by our software, giving you up to date financial reports. This allows you to see a detailed overview of all the associated costs with every job, taking into account fuel expenditure and labour costs. We help you to see where the most profitable areas of your business are at the touch of a button.

Unlimited Training:

We are going to provide you with an essential tool for your business, but in order for you to benefit from everything it has to offer, you need to know how to use it effectively. We understand that technology is not everyone’s forte which is why we offer unlimited training and support to ensure you get the most from our system. There are no stupid questions and we are happy to hold your hand until you are up to speed with our software.

Mapping upgrades:

The mapping system is the backbone of any tracking system, we ensure that our mapping system is up to date which ensures your fleet arrives at the right destination in the quickest possible time. Each individual journey is displayed on the vehicle tracking software mapping. Our easy to use journey replay allows you to step through each of the trips on the specific day selected. Each vehicle 'ping' is marked with an arrow symbol indicating direction of travel and colour-coded according to the speed the vehicle was travelling at that moment in time.

Multiple Account Users:

GTrak's Multi-User Access feature allows the main system administrator to give multiple users various levels of access to their organisations fleet management information . With Multi-User Access, you can add multiple logins and access levels for your employees, so they can view account information without having access to extraneous features. By controlling the access your users have to your account, you can run your fleet smoothly and not have to worry about allowing total access to everybody in your team.

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