Benefits of Vehicle Tracking:

At GTrak we help our clients improve productivity, enhance client experience, increase security whilst reducing overheads and ultimately making them more profitable.

We achieve this by introducing our bespoke vehicle tracking system that has been developed combining a wealth of experience providing solutions to clients such as Sure Group and British Airways. This knowledge has helped us to create a solution that fits companies of all sizes, whether you have single vehicle or a fleet of thousands, our system will help improve your business. 

Our clients see an average reduction of 15% against their fuel costs and 20% reduction against their insurance, but this is not just a cost saving exercise. Our vehicle tracking solution is proven to result in a 10 to 20% increase in staff productivity. TEF Transport saw a reduction in drivers taking the wrong route leading to reduction in overtime and improving their client’s experience.

Our vehicle tracking system allows you to

  • Cut Costs
    • Reduce your insurance premium *subject to insurance company
    • Reduce fuel consumption
    • Reduce vehicle running costs
    • Identify unauthorised mileage
    • More profit per job
  • Improve Productivity
    • Track vehicles in real time
    • Reduce journey times
    • Locate nearest vehicle to job
    • Instant notifications as to when vehicle is arriving/leaving a job
    • Get more from every asset, every day
    • Get automatic mileage and time reports
    • Set alerts on critical information
    • Access information securely online
    • Provide accurate information against targets
  • Improve Health & Safety / Security
    • Monitor excessive speeding
    • Conform to working hour directives
    • Duty of care act
    • Protection of single drivers/lone workers
    • React to potential issues in real time
    • Track location of stolen vehicles
    • Set up alerts when vehicle does something out the ordinary

GTrak can typically be used in the following scenarios;

Fleet Management:

When managing a fleet of vehicles, knowing the real-time location of all drivers allows management to meet customer needs more efficiently. Whether it’s delivery, service or other multi-vehicle enterprises, drivers now only need a small cost effective device covertly installed in their vehicle to be inexpensively located.

Asset Tracking:

Companies needing to track valuable assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes can now plot the real-time asset location on a map and closely monitor movement and operating status.

Field Service Management:

Companies with a field service workforce deployed in the field  to deliver services such as repair or maintenance, must be able to plan field workers’ time, schedule subsequent customer visits and be able to operate these departments efficiently. Vehicle tracking allows companies to quickly locate a field engineer and dispatch the closest one to meet a new customer request or provide site arrival information.

Field Sales Management:

Field Sales: Sales managers can access real-time locations of staff, adding nearby last-minute appointments to itineraries. Benefits include increased productivity, reduced driving time and increased time spent with customers and prospects.

Trailer Tracking:

Haulage and Logistics companies often operate lorries with detachable load carrying units.  The part of the vehicle that drives the load is known as the cab and the the load carrying unit is known as the trailer. There are different types of trailer used for different applications, e.g. flat bed, refrigerated, curtain sided, box container.

At GTrak, we work hard to give you the tools to work your assets harder and smarter, which can lead to better performance, and improved service. For more information, please request a brochure or contact us for more details.

Other System Benefits:

  • User friendly system - web based and built for ease of use.
  • Trackers are installed quickly & covertly - totally hidden for peace of mind.
  • 30 second updates as standard - quicker more accurate information.
  • 24 Hour access - locate your fleet from anywhere at any time of the day.
  • Full reporting - over 25 reports to choose from.
  • Live Reporting - see a quick overview of the days journeys with one click.
  • Automated alerts - be reactive to problems quickly.
  • Two UK support offices - We are always at the end of the phone to help.

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