4G Streaming DVR/Dashcam

A perfect solution for your video needs on your vehicles. All our DVR’s/Dash Cams are 4G enabled, and as standard the Hard Disk based DVR comes with a 2TB HDD, and the Dash cam comes with a 256GB SD Card.The DVR can record 4 channels on a vehicle being used for around 9 hours per day Mon-Fri for 4 weeks.The Dashcam can record a single channel for 160 hours and come as standard with front and in cab camera (80 hours each recording time), however either of the cameras can be disabled for recording allowing more space for the other camera’s files.Our unique 4 channel Dashcam also allows for 2 more cameras to be connected to the camera for reverse cameras or side view for example, this advanced version also allows a screen to be connected for use as a reverse camera.