GTrak are at the forefront of technology when it comes to vehicle tracking & we are continuously developing our in house system to ensure that you have the latest features to help run your business. All our products come with access to our online tracking panel, as well as iOS and Android applications, ensuring you can track your fleet whether your in front of your PC, or out and about.

Teltonika FMB-920

FMB 920 Image A

Economical installed tracking device with 1 Input & 1 Output, Accelerometers for Driver behaviour.

Teltonika FMB-010

FMB 010 Image A

Plug & play device which connects to the vehicles OBD port for easy installation.

Teltonika FMB-120

FMB 120 Image A

Capable of been used with Driver ID & Temperature sensors. Has upto 3 inputs & 2 outputs.

Teltonika FMB-640

FMB 640 Image A

4 Inputs & Outputs, Driver ID, Temp Sensors, Tachograph connections.

Teltonika FMB-202/204

FMB 202 Image A

Waterproof Tracking Device. Ideal for trailer tracking, or vehicle tracking. 3 day battery life before requiring charging.

Teltonika FMT-100

FMB 202 Image D

Quick & simple installation, Driver behaviour tracker.

Queclink GL300/GL300W

Queclink GL300

Portable battery powered device with 1 week battery life. Ideal for lone workers etc.

Trusted TG7

Trusted TG7 A

Small, robust & waterproof tracking device. Long battery life.

Trusted TG9

Trusted TG9 a

Small, robust & waterproof tracking device. Extremely long battery life.

4G Streaming DVR/Dashcam


4g Enabled Dashcam/DVR system with live streaming capabilities.